Hi! I’m Liz Cosma. From day to day I live in quite an imaginative world and through painting I get to share this world with others. I’m an artist and working with oil paint is a perfect way for me to express my ideas. My favourite thing about painting is having a vision and getting to materialise it, making it visible for myself and for everyone else to see. I really enjoy the whole process of an idea coming to life.

As a child I was always making drawings. I didn’t grow up with art around me, but expressing myself visually in different ways was always something that I loved to do. After secondary school I knew I wanted to do something visually creative, something with colours, and did a design course for a year. I started getting more and more ideas about what I wanted to create and it became very clear to me that I didn’t want to compromise my creativity. It’s very important to me that I get to be 100 per cent true to my own unique perspective.

At age 18 I made my first painting. From that moment on, art started to become a big part of my life. I knew that I wanted to be an artist. I went to art school and I’ve been painting ever since. Throughout the years I’ve created a diverse collection of artworks, ranging from brightly coloured abstract drawings to romantic figurative oil paintings.

The elements that unify all the artworks are my love for colours, the attention to detail and wanting to create uplifting art.

I’m currently working on paintings of a figurative nature. They still contain a dreamlike quality and focus on subjects like people, landscapes, plants and flowers. Each one of the paintings will show a unique and different aspect of my personal world.

Liz Cosma